Japan – Hospitality Investment

(Japan Premier Hospitality Investment). An excellent growth opportunity with huge potential focused on Japan’s real estate investments.

Japan Markets

The Corona Crisis has thrown up serious challenges on how the global economy will restart.  Asia continues to weight on the growth outlook due to apparently lower cases as compared with its counterparts in US or Europe.

Japan’s economy grew 3% during the October to December 2020, for an annualized growth rate of 13%. It was the country’s second consecutive quarter of growth.  The economy had jumped 5.3% in the fiscal third quarter as the country emerged from a national emergency and regained a semblance of normalcy.

Few of the hotels and serviced residences have filed for liquidation in Japan, it is also the optimal time to allocate assets into physical real estate, include discounted properties from distressed borrowers, given the quantitative easing and global low interest rates environment.